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What is Late Model Digest? A bi-weekly racing newspaper (published every other week) that covers asphalt Late Model racing and other forms of short track asphalt racing throughout the United States and Canada. The tabloid-size paper is published 24 times a year. Most issues are at least 56 pages and includes dozens of stories and pictures.

What series does Late Model Digest cover? You name it, and LMD covers it. A list of series that see significant coverage from the newspaper appears in the list of schedules at left. Unsanctioned special events also see coverage, and we keep track of who's doing what at more than 150 weekly tracks.

What races does Late Model Digest cover? LMD tries its best to provide information on every sanctioned and major independent special event. Special coverage is set aside for the biggest events, like the Snowball Derby, Kalamazoo Klash, and Virginia 300 at Martinsville.

How do I subscribe to the print publication of Late Model Digest? It's easy to do right here on the website. You can subscribe by either printing out an order form and mailing it in, or through a secure server with your credit card. If you'd rather have a human confirmation, you can call us at (706) 677-1017 with your Visa/MasterCard/Discover information, or email us. Subscriptions begin as soon as we receive your payment or verify credit card information.

How much does Late Model Digest cost? U.S. subscribers pay $30 for one year, or $55 for two years (it's $80 per year for Canadian subscribers). If you're having trouble finding a copy, call us at (706) 677-1017. We also keep back issues for two years; they cost $4 apiece for the shipping.

Where is Late Model Digest published? The newspaper home bases are in Murphy, N.C., and Lula, Ga. The paper is printed in Gainesville, Ga., and mailed from the post office in Gainesville.

What's the history of Late Model Digest? Founders Bob Appleget and Brian McLeod began publishing in 1989, working crudely out of Appleget's Marble, N.C., home initially. They eventually moved into a Murphy, N.C., office, growing into more office space as Back Porch Publications grew. LMD quickly became entrenched in short track circles and spread its coverage to asphalt Late Model racing everywhere. Appleget left the operation in '99 as McLeod and his wife Carolyn took sole ownership of what became McLeod Media L.L.C. In 2016 the McLeods transferred ownership to Jim Carson under LMD Media GA, L.L.C.

What kind of stories, features and pictures can I expect with a subscription to Late Model Digest? In most editions, a dozen races or more receive comprehensive coverage, including a full race story, behind-the-scenes notes and several photographs. Bigger races often include sidebar stories or extra notes. Other races are written in capsule form, and weekly results are listed with the top finishers and brief notes. Photographs accompany those sections, too. Feature stories and columns are regularly published, including interviews with top drivers and analysis of key issues concerning short track racing. Other sections of the paper include news briefs, a scoreboard featuring series points, classified advertising and a photo feature page (called "Checkered Flag").

Is it a magazine or a newspaper? It's a newspaper in name, and it's published on newsprint, but Late Model Digest has some features that you'll find only in magazines. The lengthy stories, crisp writing and outstanding photography give the paper a magazine-like feel.

What if I have a story or photo to submit to Late Model Digest? LMD staffers are always interested in finding new writers and photographers who might be interested in contributing stories or photos. Call Jim Carson at (706) 677-1017 for more information.

What if I have information I'd like to supply for the website, or I see incorrect information? Please email Jim Carson with information or corrections. LMD is always looking for historical information on short track racing, so contact us if you have information you think we might be interested in.

Why don't you put the same information on your website that's in the newspaper? At this point, LMD's website serves as a complement to the racing paper. You'll find series and schedule information on the site, along with various quotes that were not used in print. You can also visit us on Facebook for occasional updates, photos and daily birthday wishes. Complete coverage and features, however, will continue to appear only in the print publication.

Late Model Digest
(published by McLeod Media L.L.C.)

Editor/Publisher: Jim Carson

Advertising and Layout: Carolyn V. McLeod

Circulation and distribution: Porsha Chalmers

Contributors: David Allio, Langley Austin, Jeff Blaser, Mark Bochiardy, Dave Brainard, Buddy Bryan, Lisa Bryner, Chuck Buchanan, Mike Cavanah, Neil Cavanah, Chuck Chamblee, Keith Cooper, Norm Cote, Steve Datema, Martin DeFries, Anna Denton, Tom DeVette, Debi Domby, Denise Doss, Dave Drews, Ron Fox, Dave Franks, Mary Fraundorf, Scot French, Chuck Gonzalez, Al Graf, Chuck Green, Roger Grevenkamp, Andy Grod, Ron Harner, Jim Harris, Doug Hornickel, Jim Jones, Rick Kimball, Eric LaFleche, James MacDonald, Debra Manter, Norm Marx, Rod Meyering, David Misco, Alan Moore, Deanna Penry, Matt Prieur, Dirk Redder, Todd Ridgeway, Paul Robinson, Jeff Sandt, Mark Saunders, Joe Shivak, Derek Smith, John Stark, Denny Strimple, Peter Taylor, Grady Thornton, Leif Tillotson, Mark Truman, Carol Wicks, Carleen Wilbanks, Jamie Williams, Darrell Willrath, M.E. Wright

Late Model Digest (ISSN#10572643) is published every two weeks from mid-January through mid-December, a total of 24 times per year. It is available by subscription in the U.S. for $30 per year or $55 for two years ($80/year in Canada) from Late Model Digest, P.O. Box 1342, Gainesville GA 30503 and additional mailing offices. Postmasters should send address changes to the above address. Advertising deadline and news copy deadlines are 6 p.m. Monday before publication. Send all advertising to: 4309 Highway 51 South, Lula GA 30554. Telephone is (706) 677-1017. Email is jim@latemodeldigest.net, or also porshachalmerslmd@gmail.com

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