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What advertisers are saying:

"Advertising in Late Model Digest has worked from the start. It has enabled me to reach a national market for a reasonable price."

- Mike Feldner, MFR Enterprises, Wales, Wis.

"Late Model Digest is the only place we advertise, so I know that it works. It works so well I don't need to advertise anywhere else."

- Wayne Robertson, Broad Wheels, Oneonta, Ala.

"Late Model Digest … without a doubt the most effective media available to reach those respective markets, bar none. Late Model Digest has been a significant influence in our products becoming so successful, so fast."

- Trent Thomasson, Essex Parts Services Inc., Gastonia, N.C.

"Advertising in Late Model Digest gets the job done. It reaches the people that we need to reach in order to have a successful racing series."

- Ben David Atkinson, former Southern All Stars promoter, Huntsville, Ala.

Late Model Digest is published every other Wednesday, mid-January through mid-December, for a total of 24 issues annually. Deadline for advertising copy is the Friday before publishing date. Refer to our advertising copy deadlines.

Late Model Digest is distributed nationwide throughout the continental United States and Canada. Distribution is accomplished through our ever-growing subscription base, our track sales program as well as free handouts in pits and at selected tracks. You get national coverage at regional prices.

(Rates effective Jan. 1, 2013)

Size (inches) Price
Back cover 10 X 10 $1050
Full Page 10 X 10 $650
Two-thirds page 7.5 X 9 $500
Half page (horizontal) 10 X 5 $375
Half page (vertical) 5 X 10 $375
One-third page 5 X 6.75 $260
Quarter page 5 X 5 $205
One-eighth page 5 X 2.5 $120
Business card
(24-issue contract required)
3.875 X 1.75 $600/yr
Per spot color ---- $100
Four color ---- $200

(Discounts are available for frequent advertisers; advertisers are billed monthly with payment due upon receipt of invoice)

Classified advertisements are $20 for a three-issue run (the minimum requirement). Ads will appear after payment is received. Call (828) 837-9539 for more details. We request that all classified ad copy be sent via fax or U.S. mail. We cannot accept classified advertising copy via telephone. You may, however, submit classified advertisements (and pay for them) via our secure server.

Requested positioning of advertising, excluding the inside covers and back cover, will be followed as closely as possible. However, we reserve the right to place advertising in a better position without increased charge. The publisher reserves the right to locate ads as space permits.

Late Model Digest is a four-column tabloid newspaper. Printing is done on 30# white newsprint by a web offset press. Each page measures 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Columns are 2.374 inches wide with a .167-inch (one-sixth-inch) gutter. Advertisement sizes are listed above. We cannot be responsible for camera-ready ads not designed to our mechanical specifications.

We are on Macintosh platform using Quark XPress 8, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Adobe Illustrator 9 and Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files. We are able to convert Adobe Pagemaker (Mac or PC) files to Quark files. Ads may be submitted on Zip disks (100 mb) or CDs. Email ads to carolyn@latemodeldigest.net.

Ad copy and camera-ready material is due in our offices by the dates specified below. We cannot be responsible for advertising materials which arrive after deadline. Deadlines are commonly Fridays before Wednesday publication. The printing schedule for the 2016 season:

Jan. 13 Jan. 11 Jan. 14-15
Jan. 27 Jan. 25 Jan. 28-29
Feb. 10 Feb. 8 Feb. 11-12
Feb. 24 Feb. 22 Feb. 25-26
March 9 March 7 March 10-11
March 23 March 21 March 24-25
April 6 April 4 April 7-8
April 20 April 18 April 21-22
May 4 May 2 May 5-6
May 18 May 16 May 19-20
June 1 May 30 June 2-3
June 15 June 13 June 16-17
June 29 June 27 July 1
July 13 July 11 July 14-15
July 27 July 25 July 28-29
Aug. 10 Aug. 8 Aug. 11-12
Aug. 24 Aug. 22 Aug. 25-26
Sept. 7 Sept. 5 Sept. 8-9
Sept. 21 Sept. 19 Sept. 22-23
Oct. 5
Oct. 3
Oct. 6-7
Oct. 19 Oct. 17 Oct. 20-21
Nov. 2 Oct. 31 Nov. 3-4
Nov. 16 Nov. 14 Nov.17-18
Dec. 7 Dec. 5 Dec. 9

Send all advertising information, including camera-ready copy and specifications, to:

Late Model Digest
4309 Highway 51 South
Lula GA 30554

Call us at (706) 677-1017 or email us for information on various programs and discount packages.

We reserve the right to reject any advertising that is deemed not to be in keeping with the standards of Late Model Digest.

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